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These are some of our client's comments.

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I don’t know where to start I’m so excited to have Gabriel!
I have had several Maine Coons in the past and they are truly a special breed! I would never consider any other cat breed for a pet, that being said when I picked up Gabriel from you, he was the sweetest little kitten I have ever met. I brought him home and he adjusted within hours his personality is amazing he was playing purring and eating and also using his litter box as soon as he realized it was all for him! I would pick him up and he would just stay in purr,  this behavior For a new kitten especially a Red  Main Coon, is extremely rare to be so affectionate and secure…. This could only be the way he was handled as a baby, with love and care! This credit goes to you guys! I could only imagine the amount of love and care you put into your fur babies, you definitely have the magic touch! Gabriel is truly a gift from God! I would never consider any other Breeder! Manatees Coons I predict will be one of the top Breeders in the country!
Please feel free to share this letter with anyone who looking for a reference and provide my information, I would be happy to speak to any possible clients……
In closing, I just wanted to reiterate what a great job you guys did with nurturing, loving & caring for Gabriel, as I’m sure all of your kittens…. I truly am blessed to have one of your kittens!! 

Warm regards 
Al Messina 

I am writing up this review for Manatee Coons cattery almost 4 months after receiving my baby Luke from them. This place is not your average cattery, they raise these angels by hand and heart and it SHOWS. I have picked up 2 babies from Arlene and Robert and coming from somebody who has had cats all their life (around 10 since I can remember) there's something BEAUTIFULLY different about these animals, they are not just pets but the most reciprocate souls that just soak in all the love you can put into them. The maine coon breed is already known for their affection and intelligence, but the babies at Manatee are beyond that, they show you their sentinace and provide you with a lifetime of loyalship, love and their amazing vocal chops haha. I am from NYC soo getting Luke seemed like an impossible dream but Arlene and Robert took it upon themselves to drive out to the Atlanta Airport to
meet and my fiance and I totally at their expense and we were lucky enough to bond and not only brought back our new baby but made lifelong friends in them as well, as we still keep in touch and LOVE to see pictures of Luke, they stay involved WAAY after the buying process which is something unheard of in any of my previous adopting experiences. All in all, I whole heartdly recommend this Cattery to anybody and EVERYBODY, I honestly believe if everybody could have one of these angels in their life, there would be world peace at last haha

Dylan from New York City

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